Thursday, August 9, 2012

Times They Are A Changing

Not so long ago, an airplane flight required a paper ticket.  One by one, the airlines started offering electronic tickets (e-tickets).  Since the paper ticket had been the only way known in the past, many travelers were uneasy with the e-tickets.  Now, we are even moving more forward with the mobile ticket that can be stored right on your mobile device.  How convenient!

The airlines are not the only ones making changes.  Recently, many cruise lines have gone to the e-ticket system.  There are still a few that offer a choice between the old paper booklet or the e-ticket.  This week, Royal Caribbean announced that they will now only offer the e-ticket/luggage tags.  I can hear the grumbling now.

What is it about those paper booklets that hold so much meaning to some?  Why wouldn't a traveler want to lighten the load on travel day?  Maybe it's just a matter of looking forward instead of always looking back.  Because it was always done that way in the past does not always make it the best way.

Let's lighten the load and move forward.  Anxiously awaiting the day when the cruise lines all offer mobile boarding passes!